Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Heat Is On, The Heat Is O-On!

Please tell me you are now hearing the accompanying music in all of your heads. If not, you need some schooling in 80's music, now.

The gentlemen I am considering recommending for sainthood arrived on Tuesday (that's three days early people!!!) to begin the process of installing a new furnace, humidifier, air filter, and air conditioning coil.

"Air conditioning coil?" you ask, "I thought the furnace was out?"

Well people, the broken furnace is only the beginning of the joy. Once they take that puppy apart, there is apparently an entirely new world of items that might be broken. I am beginning to think homeownership is some kind of wicked karma and every bad thought we've ever had is now coming back to haunt us in the form of a broken something. Sigh. At least it's one less thing we'll inevitably have to fix in the spring, when we have the air conditioning checked out.

Anyway, back to the saintly gentlemen, they stayed all day Tuesday. These guys didn't even stop for lunch. At least I don't think they did, I haven't actually inventoried the items in our downstairs freezer, but I'll sacrifice a few chicken breasts and frozen vegetables for a thermostat that reads above 58 degrees. They didn't finish on Tuesday, but were back on Wednesday to wrap things up.

Here's the best part: when everything was in place, they came to ask me where the vacuum cleaner was and they cleaned up after themselves. They swept and vacuumed part of the kitchen floor and the basement stairs, which are now cleaner than they've been in months. One gentleman even discovered that the attachment hose of the vacuum cleaner was clogged and he fixed that too. I wonder how many more cobwebs I would have tried to suck up before realizing I wasn't at full power?

And Harper. . . her cold is slowly getting better, I had to wipe her face off far fewer times today than yesterday. Unfortunately (especially for me), she seems a little slow on the uptake about the whole time change thing. I thought she'd adjust after a couple of days, but noooo, up at 4 a.m. again today and very little napping. She is an evil genius and she's trying to deprive me of sleep until I walk around like a zombie while dust bunnies take over the house and she is left to chew happily on remote controls and power cords all day.


Carolyn said...

Dear Kelsey,
I'm finallly on my computer after a few days of not looking at email. So I found your blog. What fun! Thanks so much for sharing with me. I've been meaning to email you the pictures from our teacher get-to-gether and will do asap. We used to have a Johnny Jump-Up for the boys. You hang it from a door frame and it's a little sling that they sit in. There's a big spring above and their feet just touch the ground. They can jump and jump and exercise their legs to the max and then sleep it off! We used to put it in a big entryway from the livingroom to the diningroom so that there'd be lots of room to move. Alex used to really get going in that thing. Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Kelsey Jane,

I love this page. And I love your heat. And it being on. Maybe Dar should cover that song.

Also, I love Harper's Halloween costume pictures. Fantastique.

Last, but not least, I'm so glad you're writing. This is great stuff.

lots of love,