Sunday, September 27, 2015

Roller Coaster

This past year and some change has been a whirlwind. The current school year is shaping up to be more of the same. Matt and I are both working full-time and the children are both involved in lots of activities. Just like so many other families. We have times where we're all happy and enjoying each other's company and then we have days where we're all yelling and 3/4 of us are in tears. I keep feeling like someday I'll catch up, while at the same time I don't even know what that really means.

Once again, there's no breaking news here. I think we are in a particularly difficult stage of life right now. One of these days it might stop feeling so difficult and we'll coast for a while and then one day later things will feel just this side of impossible again. Sometimes I think that means we're doing something wrong. Other times I think it is just the way things are - that the truth is that life is difficult. And usually the trick to feeling some happiness is recognizing the moments of peace and contentment when they come, not hoping for it to be like that all of the time. I know that Glennon has already covered the whole, "Life is brutiful," statement, but I am really feeling it right now.

My life is good. So, so good. And it's hard, too.

I think what I'm really looking for is to know that this isn't just hard for us. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Life is hard. Take the good times and hold them close. They help the bad times seem less bad. When it gets rough just go one day at a time and if you have to then one hour at a time. There is always an end in sight. They are just bumps in the road and some bumps are bigger than others but you can get over them. Sometimes it just takes a little more energy. Savor every day.

Swistle said...

What I'm noticing is that a lot of times things feel fine, but that one medium change can throw us completely off-kilter. We're not very FLEXIBLE these days, and that can cause problems. And if I miss a day because of an unusual event, it feels like I can't regain that lost ground without significant hustle.

Jill said...

My 6 year old has always been jealous of the 4 year old. Since the baby is coming, it's even worse. Now they want to fight over the toddler's attention, vying for 'best friend in chief'. Who can get more hugs, kisses, and attention from a kid who isnt' even 2. Everything is a competition. A pout. A stomp.

The 4 year old has figured this out and is rubbing in anything she can to make it worse. 'I love my pink glass'... which the 6 year old wanted.

We're going through potty training and new bed and etc. while pregnant. Time is ticking away WAY too fast. I feel like all day all I do is say 'don't be jealous' and 'leave her alone' and 'just be quiet'.

Not to mention 'I dont' want to' and it's not fair'... of course not kid, life isn't fair.

Definitely not just you. Half our week is devoted to soccer practice or games and the other to outside chores. I'm cramming school planning and chores into the other hours of the day.

Plus I have insomnia so I'm chronically overtired.