Friday, September 20, 2013

Yes We Did

I am typing this blog post from a hotel room in a Disney resort in Florida. Matt is sound asleep next to me and Michael is sleeping in the next bed.

Harper is asleep in Ohio.

Yes, we actually did go to Disney World and leave our eight-year-old behind.

If you've know us a while you'll know that we took Harper on a solo trip to Disney when she was five. And ever since then we've discussed how Michael would have a turn someday.

Surely some people will think we are cruel or crazy to take only one of our children a place a fabulous as Disney. It wasn't so difficult to leave Michael behind when he was not yet two... Leaving a third grader is was a little trickier. But that experience of being on a solo trip with Harper is what convinced us that we'd definitely do it again with Michael.

My general parenting philosophy has little to do with making the children happy at all times, but it was such a special thing to have that entire week with Harper and to be able to basically respond to her every whim about what she wanted to do or see. In his whole life Michael has never had us all to himself for more than a couple of hours. I believe in this time we are spending with our son.

Harper gets to spend a week enjoying attention from adoring grandparents... we left yesterday and I believe she's already been treated to ice cream twice. She hasn't had much time alone with them since Michael was born. She is happy at school and, while I don't think it would have taken a lot of arm twisting to get her to come with us, she'll be busy and enjoying her life while we're away.

This trip will be different from when we brought Harper - we have a couple of extra days to explore the parks because Matt is taking two days to work while we're down here so we extended the trip a bit. With Harper we always got up in the morning and kept at it all day. Michael doesn't quite have her stamina so we may have to take more frequent breaks or do more pool time this trip than usual. We'll see.

For now I'm glad to be here with my boy and I'm grateful for the cell phones that make it so easy for me to check in with my girl. I'll let you know how the rest of the week goes.

Only on the bus and he's already so happy!


Jill said...

Wow. you know I never would have considered that.. very cool!

Swistle said...

This sounds so fun to me. Sometimes I do something with just one child, and it always makes me see them with new eyes.

MamaK said...

that is so cool! Have a great time down there :)

Chris said...

Hope you enjoy the trip!

CARRIE said...

You are making great memories for him! The older ones tend to forget how much we did with them when they were the only ones (or the others were around but too young to go).