Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Growing Up

A couple of people commented (Hi, Swistle!) after the last post that Harper is suddenly looking quite a bit older. I think this is true. Actually I started having that feeling early in 2012, partly because she is turning eight this calendar year, and eight is an age I firmly remember being. (Incidentally, age 8 is the year I recieved the book The Ballet Shoes from my godmother. I've read it so many times it is held together with a rubber band.)  Part of it is the adult teeth, for sure. And the rest is made up of all these things I'm watching her experience, the ways her friendships are developing, the choices she is starting to make for herself.

Then, a couple of days ago, she was feeling a little under the weather and walked into the kitchen looking like this:

(She reluctantly posed for the picture, she's so clearly over it...)

(Also? She seems unaware of the wedgie situation going on there. Kids!)

I don't know if this will make sense to many of you, but when she walked in with those pajama pants, tank top, flip flops, and messy ponytail I suddenly felt like I was getting a glimpse of my daughter during her exam week as a freshman in college.

(Did you pick out Exam Week Outfits*? You know a comfy combo perfect for alternating between sleep and study? No? Just my friends and I then? Moving on...)

Dear Time,

Move slower.


*And by "outfit" I mean either a t-shirt (long or short sleeved), a sweatshirt, and probably a choice between boxer shorts or flannel pajama bottoms, color coordination optional.


Chris said...

Harper is definitely looking older! Every time I see her, she seems to have matured even more. If we both write letters to Time, will it help? We can only hope. I'll start sending them tomorrow!

Swistle said...

Elizabeth has been coming out in tank tops and pajama bottoms, looking EXACTLY like all the high school girls I see at the mall! VERY odd to see it!

tracy said...

Oh Kelsey. I love you for remembering exam week outfits!

I can believe that I have been married for eight years, and I distinctly remember you being pregnant at our wedding. Still, it seems so unbelievable to me that Harper is turning EIGHT this year. Wow! and what a beautiful eight she is ..

AM said...

I am 48 years old and still opt for finals week outfits. I am back in school after being out almost 25 years. Getting a second bachelors. FYI - nothing about college has changed...

CARRIE said...

N is doing the exact same thing--looking entirely too grown up for age 8. She wants me to hold her as I do the boys, and good grief--she is a solid mass of child! 66 lbs of muscle. I hate to tell her she is too big, but she is TOO BIG! My baby. Sniff.