Thursday, June 07, 2012

Making an Effort

Okay, I really am going to make more of an effort to blog regularly this summer. Maybe to document the transition from family with a work-at-home-mom to family with a work-outside-the-home mom. Or maybe just so you don't miss stuff like this:

Harper decided that she and Michael were going to dress up and do a "gymnastics show" this morning. Apparently gymnasts wear stickers on their faces, ballet skirts, and a seven-year-old's version of "high heels." She even did her hair in a side pony tail.

Michael, along for the ride, happily donned one of Harper's bathing suits in lieu of a leotard.

"Don't worry Mom," Harper told me, "He's still got his underpants on."

As soon as I took this photo Harper said, "Can you put that on the blog? And Facebook?"

Last week, in the craziness that was finishing the school year, some burly men showed up and now THIS is in our backyard:

You are all invited over to play. Just wash your hands before you come if you had peanut butter for lunch.

The kids love it as much as you might imagine (a lot) and we've already played outside (at home, as opposed to at the park) more this summer than we did ALL of last summer. Investment win.


Pam said...

Fantastic stuff! Definitely one to remember and tell Michael when he's older. I love the cute and crazy stuff kids do.

Giselle said...

1) I, too, am making an effort to get the blog rolling again. I know I'll miss the stories in a few years when I don't remember them anymore.

2) That photo of Michael is destined for a senior slideshow of his football/soccer/baseball team. Blackmail city. I have one of my Michael in a Tinkerbell dress waiting for the same occasion.

3) Our backyard play set is one of the best investments we've ever made. We got it in the summer of 2007, and the kids still use it almost every day. And yours is WAY nicer than ours, so I'm sure the kids will keep playing on it even longer. And peanut free! Awesome.

Heather said...

That gymnastics show picture is priceless! And great blackmail material for Michael later on. Oh! And I am completely envious of your new playset. If we put anything like that in our postage stamp sized backyard well, there would be no yard anymore.

Cindy said...

I loooove when you blog more frequently. Pictures of Matt on swing and Michael in a leotard are both adorable. So good to see what you are up to. The backyard looks incredible!

tracy said...

Oh my gosh that is one serious swingset!! I'm glad you guys went all out, and hopefully you can even sneak a little time to yourself this summer while the kids are outside playing.

And we have that swimsuit! The Lands End boats! Actually we have one in the style that's polka dotted, and the boat pattern in another style. I love them! The girls will get such a kick out of seeing Michael in it.

Miss you.

bluedaisy said...

Love it- those two are so cute together! And that playset is AMAZING! I want to play on it too- LOL! Can't wait to hear your summer adventures and all about the transition. Maybe it will even inspire me to write more regularly :)

MamaK said...

love that you're trying to blog more often (says the author of 3 posts in 3 months). also love that you want to document the transition to work-outside-the-home mom... as we're in the reverse transition. fun times for all :)

CARRIE said...

Michael in Harper's swimsuit is beyond adorable. Blackmail photo for sure! One day you will threaten to post pics like this on the blog and Facebook.