Monday, April 30, 2012

Best Laid Plans

As I type this I am sitting in a chair outside the room where Michael is taking gymnastics. "Gymnastics," being a fairly loose description of what goes on in the room! I'm in a little chair facing the window into the gym, netbook on my lap, watching four-year-olds do warm up stretching. In this moment I am very thankful for WiFi.

Saturday was our local March for Babies walk. Due to a whole host of out of our control circumstances instead of having a big group to walk with (we'd actually recruited people to our team this year!) it looked like I was going to be walking on my own. The weather was cool and rainy - feeling more like late February than late April. After one last look at the radar I decided it was going to give a dry enough window for Michael to come with me if he wanted - he did.

So Michael and I headed down to the park where we've walked before... I'm not going to lie. It was cold. And we totally opted for the one-mile "family" route, rather than walk the entire three miles. A lot of pieces fell a little flat this year: the weather was crummy, we didn't quite meet our fund-raising goal, we didn't do the long walk. It would be easy to feel discouraged about the whole experience.

But of course it was difficult to feel too discouraged when I had this guy to keep me company:

Do you see that I had to find the WINTER hat for him. The fact that we were there at all is some serious dedication, right? And the following picture is completely misleading, sure the sky was blue in that moment, but shortly after we got home it opened up and poured!

Even though I was sorry not to have our bigger team assembled (next year!), I was grateful to have Michael there with me. He was happy and proud to be walking at the March for Babies event, even if he didn't completely understand what it was. We walked holding hands (I was trying not to loose him in the crowd) and every so often he would lean over and kiss my hand saying, "I'm so happy to be on a walk with you Mommy!"

Me too bud.

By the by... if you were intending to donate to our team and you just hadn't gotten around to it any donations made in the next couple of weeks will still count toward this year's total.  Thanks!


CARRIE said...

Just showing up is pretty darn important! And what a testament to the power of March of Dimes---to be walking with your preemie!

Giselle said...

I second Carrie's thoughts! It's great that you showed up and had a special day with Michael. It is amazing how far he's come!

Also, when are you going to follow up from that tease of a post about a job? Left us hanging. Meanie. :)

tracy said...

Oh. That precious boy. I can picture him, in all his great enthusiasm, saying the line about how happy he is to be on a walk with you. He's awesome.

As I get closer and closer to my due date, I marvel at the fact that, had this baby been Michael, he would have been born nearly two months ago! But you'd never know Michael was a preemie now. I'm so glad you guys walked.

Pam said...

It must feel great to do that walk with your son. Well done you.

bluedaisy said...

Love that special time for you and Michael :)

Mommy Daisy said...

I'm glad that you got to go! Michael is an amazing kid!