Thursday, March 29, 2012


So every time I think about writing in this space I imagine some internet behemoth, sitting with his giant arms crossed, asking me, "Do you have anything worthwhile to say?" And giving me a suspicious look...

I don't know if I have anything worthwhile to say, but that's really not stopped me in the past.

Here are a few tidbits from the last three weeks:

  • Rebound has escaped, twice, in the last couple of weeks. Once when Harper opened the front door to wave at a friend in a passing school bus. He gleefully frolicked around the yard, licking the dewy grass, as I frantically chased him. I only managed to catch the door because he paused to christen the stop sign at the corner of our yard. The second time I was in the front yard with the kids and Rebound on a leash. A truck towing lawn equipment passed on the street and Rebound lunged for it, ripped the leash out of my hand, and chased it down our fairly busy street. I yelled at the children to stay on the drive way and chased him. Fortunately the person driving the truck realized what was happening and stopped, as did the cars driving in the opposite direction. There's a rush of emotion for you. As you can imagine, it was not at all embarrassing to catch up with the dog in the middle of the street when half a dozen drivers are staring at you. Here's hoping that is the first and LAST time anything like that happens. 
  • Michael told me the other day that he wants to be God when he grows up so he can die and come back to life. 
  • After a little chat about the fact that he probably won't grow up to be GOD, he decided he'd just really like to be a helper at our church when he grows up.
  • The kids are on spring break this week and have each had a turn sleeping over at Matt's parents' house. They claim to miss each other. I do not miss the sound of them fighting.
  • Tonight is Michael's night away and Harper and I went to see The Lorax. We both enjoyed the movie (although Harper thought a couple parts were a little scary), especially because we were the only people in the theater.
That's all for now - I am thinking it won't be three more weeks before I post again. I've missed you Internets.


Swistle said...

My brother wanted to be a rabbit when he grew up. It was difficult for my mother to persuade him it wasn't an option.

CARRIE said...

Missed you too! I love the things kids want to be when they grow up. G mentioned wanting to be a dinosaur.

tracy said...

I sure hope it won't be three more weeks until you post again! I've missed you.