Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Tip or Two for Managing Sick Children

Around 8:30 last night Harper woke up crying and I walked in to find she'd lost her supper all over her bed. Awesome.

One by one the members of our family (and the house guests who visited over the weekend) have succumbed to a stomach bug. Last night I was up every ten or fifteen minutes helping someone with his or her various needs.

I don't have a lot of tips for dealing with sick children, but here are the two that seem most important in our house:

1) Set up a portable DVD player and quarantine the sicko in his/her own room.

2) Line the sick bucket/bowl with the smallest sized garbage bags for quick and relatively gag-free changing. I'm in favor of anything that minimizes my contact with the, er, symptoms.

How we handle high fevers and or stomach viruses in these parts.

FYI Caillou is the choice for Michael. You can protest his whining all you want, but no episode has ever been too scary or sad. A very important consideration for my little guy.

Sick bucket, lined and ready.

We don't do this every time one of the children has a little cold, but we have had some success at limiting the transmission of more serious illness with our quarantine solution. And I know mother earth does not care for my garbage bag solution, but desperate times and all that. Fortunately it is not a tactic we have to employ often.

Here's hoping you don't need either of these tips any time soon!


Katharine said...

Oh, so sorry! I hate it when it takes out the whole house. And also when you spend what seems like all your time cleaning up ... shall we say unpleasant things.

Alex went through a brief Caillou phase a few bouts of sickness ago. While it set my husband's teeth on absolute edge, I actually really liked it for the reasons you mentioned. Also I loved the sibling relationship between Caillou and Rosie - so sweet. I agree it's just good to have something that isn't scary.

To that end (I'm all over the place at the moment) - have you read "I want my hat back" with Michael? What do you think of the ending? In such a cute context the darkness of the ending seemed extra harsh. Or maybe I'm being overly sensitive. It definitely bothered me way more than it bothered the kids - mostly because I then had to answer 100 questions about where the rabbit went and why.

CARRIE said...

Ok, you might just be the most brilliant person on the planet: another use besides the car for the portable dvd player!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Chris said...

Hope you are all hanging in there, Kelsey! When we get those bugs, they go through just about everyone, as you know. Makes me glad we only have 4 kids, you know?!? And aren't you glad both the kids understand the use of the bucket!! Hope everything else is going well.

tracy said...

Oh NO I am so sad/sorry Michael got it too! Hopefully you were able to avoid it. Thinking of you guys ...