Saturday, January 14, 2012

Because I'm Not Sure I'll Remember

A funny/curious thing happened in our living room Christmas morning... Michael began turning his back to us when he opened his gifts:

Oh dear boy... he insisted upon taking every last bit of the wrapping paper off before really looking at a gift to see what it was. We think he turned around because he didn't want anyone (read: Harper) telling him what his gift was until he was ready to look at it himself.

And if that doesn't shine a light on their personalities... Harper roaring ahead, without all that much regard for the speed of those around her; and Michael, oh Michael, taking his time, not wanting to miss any detail.


bluedaisy said...

Sweet boy :)

CARRIE said...

Sweet little guy. Funny, considering how eager he was to "get born." ;)

Chris said...

I can totally see this! What a cool. I agree with Carrie's comment, too.

tracy said...

Oh Kelsey. I can't put my finger on why, exactly, but this nearly made me cry. What a sweet, sweet boy.

(ps: welcome back to blogging. I was going through some serious withdrawal!)