Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wish List

Some things I would like, in no particular order*:

-a cure for food allergies

-my children to get along w/out screaming for more than 5 minutes at a stretch

-the ability to function on 4 hours of sleep or less (w/ no physiological/psychological effects)

-if my kids aren't going to eat what I prepare for them, I'd at least like them to stop preparing speeches about why they don't want to eat a particular item

-self-cleaning floors

-to know the right answer to the work vs. stay-at-home question (for our family)

-to recognize the right job opportunity when it presents itself

-a successful school year for my children

-a modest lottery win

(*This should not be considered a comprehensive list.)

And you?


Erin said...

Time. I just need more time.

bluedaisy said...

I'd like my soon-to-be-kindergardener to absorb and use some of the "self-calming" skills I've so desperately tried to teach him this summer (um, been trying to teach him for a while).
Several of the things on your list resonate with me...I'd up that lottery win to one that would allow me to buy a different house.
No more food allergies- YES and maybe just no more allergies in general would work for me too. Oh the sleep thing too seeing how it's 12:44am my time!

Swistle said...

1. Rich relative we've never heard of, dying and leaving us a large inheritance.

2. MIL's estate to be settled so we can stop thinking about it.

3. A school supply list that is straight-forward and doesn't contain confusing phrases such as "This is just a SUGGESTED list and is NOT REQUIRED."

4. Nail polish that lasts AND continues to look nice.

5. Comfy pajama pants that are also cute.

Emily said...

1. Going to steal your self-cleaning floors idea.

2. A personal chef. I'll even clean up.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I just want a modest lottery win. $20,000-50,000 would be about perfect. It would solve a lot of problems without causing new ones.

I'd also like a product that really truly honestly *does* get the smell of cat pee out of carpets. I've tried them all. They all lie.

CARRIE said...

Someone to potty train my children for me. (I asked Giselle but I doubt she'll bite.)

Rich relative inheritance (since I never play the lottery). Enough to pay off the mortgage would be fine, thank you.

A new world policy that stay at home moms gets paychecks too.

A snot sucker outer thingie that sucks every last strand of snot from inside your kid's head (not just a temporary, get the snot from inside the nasal cavity thing).

An ipod music changer app that allows you to sync new songs just by thinking of the new songs you want on the playlist so that the kids stop FRICKING FIGHTING OVER THE SONGS PLAYING IN THE CAR!!!!!