Monday, February 07, 2011

Last One I Promise

Scenes from a victorious evening:

Harper was taking some kind of notes about the score.

Michael was practicing to lead the Packers when Rodgers retires.

Even the beer knew how to support the Packers.

A little good luck shrine went a long way.

Soooooo happy!


tracy said...

You are hilarious.
Clearly, the picture of the television is my favorite.
I love you!

MamaK said...

Kelsey! Too much! J/K, it'd be the same over here if Pitt could've pulled it out... actually, I'm happy for you and one other good Packers fan. I'm annoyed by all the pretenders who jumped on the cheese wagon for the big game. But you and your truly adorable kids-- enjoy all year ;)

ps- hahaha, the word verification looks suspiciously like excuses, lol!