Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Easter Shots

I figure posting more regularly for at least the next two weeks would be a fair trade off for the fact that I'm going to beg you for money every day between now and April 24th. (Donate to March for Babies by clicking the purple box on the right!) Thank you to everyone who donated after yesterday's post and to those of you who shared the link so that other people would consider supporting the March of Dimes. After all, if you aren't in favor of babies, you probably wouldn't be reading this...

Tonight I'm sharing a handful of photos from our Easter festivities. Most years we travel to spend Easter with my extended family in Wisconsin. This year we stayed in Ohio to surprise Matt's mom with a birthday gathering the day before Easter. Our Easter Sunday was low-key: church, simple breakfast, searching for baskets, impromptu egg "hunt", and a nice afternoon meal (for which I roasted an actual chicken!).

Harper's basket came with a side of sass, apparently.

I'm pretty sure Michael didn't know what most of the stuff in his basket was, fair enough because we'll be eating most of it for him, but he still liked the shiny wrappers.

Little Easter angels - er, looks can be deceiving!

I love this picture, despite the fact that we'd actually asked Harper NOT to pick up the eggs and hand them to Michael. She "helps" him so much it is a wonder the boy has learned anything!

This picture? Exactly how our spring has felt this year - which is a nice change from '09 when the weather went from ice to 80 and left spring out of it altogether.

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Sarah said...

Ah yes, we too often have to urge Addy to let Eli do things for himself! I love that she wants to baby him, but... It can be a bit much. And I sure don't want utter shock/dismay to hit him when the new baby comes and he gets abruptly dethroned from his little prince position in Addy's eyes.