Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From the House of Mouse

Being a college man of leisure (just kidding, he works very hard) Uncle Jamie was able to hightail it down to Orlando for spring break with some friends. He called me, while leaning up against Cinderella's castle, to ask if Harper liked any specific Disney characters.

I love Disney World and was very jealous that he was there while I was not. Sigh.

Anyway, Harper has a few "Classic Pooh" accents in her bedroom, so she gets excited about Winnie-the-Pooh stuff. She was also recently obsessed with the big mouse himself; after about 389 viewings of a Mickey Christmas DVD some friends gave us. (Incidentally, we used to have a wonderful babysitter named Vicki and Harper called the mouse Vicki Mouse for a very long time. He he.)

Well Uncle Jamie came through.

First, there was a collection of short-but-sweet Pooh stories. The way time is flying, Harper will probably be reading them to me before long.

Then there was an actual Mickey Mouse!!!

Harper pulled him out of the bag and danced around the living room with him. She said, "I luf him, he's my fafrit!" Then she went on to explain to us that he has yellow shoes and red shorts and black ears and a black nose. . . She was so funny, alternately describing and dancing with Mickey.

Mickey even has a special marking on the bottom of one foot so you know he is the real deal. Impostors need not apply.

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Mommy Daisy said...

I bet your brother loved the fact that she made over her present so much. Cute! She made a new furry friend.