Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I walked into a toy with such force today that it split my left pinkie toenail. There was some impressive bleeding and have been many requests to see my "toe boo boo." It HURT. I'm amazed I didn't start spewing profanity.


Last night at dinner Harper told Michael that nostrils were the door to his nose. Heee!


Michael starts preschool in two weeks (from yesterday, actually) and Harper starts kindergarten in a little over two weeks. You guys, we've done near survived summer! Let's have a drink!


I haven't really mentioned this much in this space, but I tried and tried to get a job for this school year. Nobody wants me! I'm going to volunteer in a school library for one morning a week. I'll sub occasionally. I may actually have a moment or two of free time. FOUR mornings a week there will be about an hour and a half when both my children will be at school.


I'm really psyched to fly solo with Michael every Friday while Harper is at school. We don't get to do much of that.


I don't talk on the phone much, truly, but nearly every time I pick up the phone (to answer or make a call) Michael howls, "Nooooo phooooonnn Mamaaaa!" Why?


I'm officially the worst RSVP-er to children's parties, ever. Mostly this is because determining whether Harper can go to a party requires me to call and ask people I usually don't know very well rude questions about what they are serving and do they mind if we bring alternate food. I don't enjoy making those phone calls, despite the fact that our experiences so far have been 99.9% positive ones (knock on wood).


Heather said...

I can't imagine anyone minds in the least that you have to ask questions about food, etc. because of Harper's allergies. I know I'd MUCH rather be asked than put a child in a possibly dangerous situation.

On a different topic - what are you doing to do while both kids are in school!? I can't imagine it! :-)

Jill said...

AS far as the parties go, by now most of the moms should have figured out that Harper has a peanut allergy. If they don't know, then call them and say, Harper has a peanut allergy, there are a lot of things she can't eat, would you mind if we brought something else for her to eat? I wouldn't even bother asking what they have anymore. That way, they don't fret, you don't fret, and Harper doesn't have to deal with any odd questions, the mom will know ahead of time.

CARRIE said...

Are you sad in any way about both kids being gone for a bit? I keep thinking that when my 3 are all in school, even preschool, I will be crazy-happy, but then when I mull it over, I get a little sad..

Toys can be evil.

tracy said...

Ruth hates it when I talk on the phone too! I guess just because she wants my undivided attention.

Last night, there were some car alarms going off outside, and I went out to investigate. It was dark (3am) and I was tired and I somehow missed a step and totally wiped out on the concrete (I am so smooth!). As a result, I have a couple oj fairly gory looking, quarter-sized scrapes on the top of my foot/ankle. The girls were AMAZED by them all day.